Sunday, 9 May 2010

Shameful infection of a twisted mind

I’ll swing the rope way up high

Strongest rafter will comply

Snap my neck with joyful glee

A piece of art for all to see

Naked as the day is born

A crown of thorns

I will adorn

Paint my lips the reddest red

Sacrificial lamb now dead

And as he opens up the door

He’ll see I’ve evened up the score

Shameful infection of a

Twisted mind

Homemade formula for all of mankind

But then …

I’ll leave the best to last

Disbelieve is such a blast

Each will receive a virginal rose

Attached to a packet

That will disclose

All what he has done to me



Of a trusting family

And when he "hangs" his head in shame

My Innocence




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