Sunday, 9 May 2010

Art is a lie that makes us realise truth

Strolling along these Spanish streets
In old Pollenca Town
The buildings are softly whispering





Infused in bricks and mortar
A myriad of doors
Unlock Mallorcan histories
Egyptians, Romans, Ottomans and Moors
Battles fought
Blood is shed
United together they buried their dead

Me…I sit atop the Calvario Steps
Easel and brush in hand
Watching the sinners climb to the top
From my vantage witness stand

Will they be atoned?

Well… that’s not for me to say
I just paint the pictures
I have no Masters in my life
That I am ordered to obey

From a distant echo
Float the familiar sounds of my beloved guitar
I follow my ears through the streets to my beloved Alhambra bar
There I sit and watch the world
As loves and lives unfold
I catch a whisper on the wind
Interwoven with catholic gold

I walk these streets in dead men’s feet bequeathed to me upon defeat
The price I pay I’m dammed to say will greet me on departure day
But until then my mind is free to wander through this fantasy . . .

Salvation came knocking at my door

Salvation came a knocking at my door
Offering redemption
Said the choice was mine to choose
I was one of the favoured few
Could I really honestly refuse?
After a lifetime of playing out the blues

Well…he charmed me right there on the spot
I swooned
I swayed
The man was hot
A gambit served on a plate of gold
Wrapped me up in his protective fold

Seems my eyes did open wide
Soul betrayed as I complied
Incubus secured a willing bride
Sensibility ran off quick to hide
But not before in my ear it did confide

False prophets on this earth do roam
Sent from the Vatican in holy Rome
Beware of lies disguised with love
Procurer of the pouch that ferries foxglove
Defences blind he will cut out your heart
Then display your weakness
Like a piece of art
So think real hard of the choice in hand
Implication of death you must understand

Well…it stopped me right there in my tracks
And I thanked my sense for stating the facts
I was seduced by the serpent from under the tree
As he drip fed untruths of knowledge to me
Evil, Sin, Suffering, Sickness and death
Permeated from his putrid breath
But I was destitute of vision
For I just could not see
All I saw my opportunity turning up for me

What a wretched man am I?
As I wander on this earth
Searching for the answers
That will assist me in rebirth

But as you know we are all pre-programmed courtesy of the original sin
Flawed at creation to stumble through life with this knowledge imprisoned within

Jeremy Vine

Jeremy Vine is so divine

God I love that man

Maybe in another life

I could be more than just a fan

I’d bake him cookies every day

Treat him like a king

Introduce him to my kitty cats

And teach him how to swing

Hand in hand we would stroll

Through the meadows every day

Whilst picking wild flowers

I will be leading him astray

Finally the sun will set

Upon this field of corn

And in his arms my head will rest

Until the next new day is born

Tony Ted

When I was a little girl
I thought I’d have some fun
So I tore of all my summer clothes
And ran naked in the sun
The heat it did affect me
Frazzled out my head
So I summoned out my secret friend
His name is Tony Ted

Now Tony Ted is quite some guy
We kick about a lot
He has a great big bulbous nose
And hands with liver spots
He is getting on a bit now
And has to use a stick
But the most important thing still works
His humongous slippery dick

On this hazy summer’s day
My eyes they did espy
A psychedelic vision
That filled up all the skies
Of multi-coloured chickens
Clucking in the air
Blue, Pink, Green and Purple
And a giant panda bear

Now Tony Ted and I were shocked
As the chickens began to sing
We held our hands so tightly
To each other we did cling
Panda then tapped on my shoulder
And began to give me the eye
Before I knew it
I had sprouted some wings
And discovered that I could fly

Of I flew to a magical land
With bluebells in my hair
I danced amongst the fairies
Precious nectar they did share
We drank
And drank
And had a ball
Til I was fizzy and dizzy with love
And when I awoke
To my amazement
On my head were two turtle doves

They whispered ancient secrets
Into my tulip ears
Taught me things I should not know
Like the music of the spheres
They said that Tony Ted was bad
And that I was the chosen one
I had to gather an army
And head on towards the sun

Being a little girl
I didn’t quite know what to do
So I squatted down
Took a breath
And excreted a wiggly poo

When I awoke
Back I was
In the field of corn
Shamed by being naked
As the day was born

I searched all night long for my very precious friend called Tony Ted
Only to find him face down in the strawberries
Evidently dead
Around his head the doves did fly
Innocence so pure
My secret friend
Was just a symptom
But … now at last I had found the cure!!!

Shameful infection of a twisted mind

I’ll swing the rope way up high

Strongest rafter will comply

Snap my neck with joyful glee

A piece of art for all to see

Naked as the day is born

A crown of thorns

I will adorn

Paint my lips the reddest red

Sacrificial lamb now dead

And as he opens up the door

He’ll see I’ve evened up the score

Shameful infection of a

Twisted mind

Homemade formula for all of mankind

But then …

I’ll leave the best to last

Disbelieve is such a blast

Each will receive a virginal rose

Attached to a packet

That will disclose

All what he has done to me



Of a trusting family

And when he "hangs" his head in shame

My Innocence




Outside this fabled sphere

50 little soldiers
line up neatly
in a row
Mother’s Ruin
guarantors the flow
they succumb
with eyes anew
of the
Parades with
ancient held
Marching through
the chaos
Of any fear
Searching for
Outside this fabled sphere

Parish Priest required - All paedo's please apply

Father I do not forgive
For you are a man of sin
I saw you down by the riverbank
With Peter’s retarded twin
You took him to your special place
Where the wild roses grow
Stripped him bare
There in your lair
Before your gift
On him
You did bestow
I saw the look upon your face
As you thrust his small behind
Pure joy with a dash of nostalgia
Are words that spring to mind
And after the seed was planted
And after the deed was done
You turned the poor boy over
And continued on with your fun
The simple boy could hardly breathe
As you forced it down his throat
Fate sealed his sad dead eyes
On that riverbank so remote
And as the sun began to set
You placed him gently in his chair
Wheeled him back to your parish
As if you simply
Did not care
And now I stand before you
As you preach to the converted
About to unleash your secret
That you are one of God’s perverted