Sunday, 9 May 2010

Maybe it's an age thing?

Why is it you hate me
I see it in your eyes
You don’t even try to hide it
With me
There’s no disguise
Maybe it’s an
Age thing
Why I irk you so
Maybe it’s because
You like to think
That I am
Either way
You break my heart
With your
Wicked words
The blatant disrespect
You show to me
Seems really quite
All I’ve ever done is loved you
Protected you from harm
I’m tired of your poison
I crave to see your charm
I know it’s in there somewhere
Hidden out of view
I’m going searching
Give me a clue
I will break down all those barriers
In which you’re tightly bound
Sneak in very carefully
You will not hear a sound
Traverse your war torn country
Until I find your cell
Then carefully extract you
From the hell in which you dwell
Wrap you up into my arms
Make sure you’re safe and warm
I will be the guiding light
From your internal storm
And maybe in the future
When your seas are calm
We will laugh and joke together
And I will see again your charm

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