Sunday, 9 May 2010

Salvation came knocking at my door

Salvation came a knocking at my door
Offering redemption
Said the choice was mine to choose
I was one of the favoured few
Could I really honestly refuse?
After a lifetime of playing out the blues

Well…he charmed me right there on the spot
I swooned
I swayed
The man was hot
A gambit served on a plate of gold
Wrapped me up in his protective fold

Seems my eyes did open wide
Soul betrayed as I complied
Incubus secured a willing bride
Sensibility ran off quick to hide
But not before in my ear it did confide

False prophets on this earth do roam
Sent from the Vatican in holy Rome
Beware of lies disguised with love
Procurer of the pouch that ferries foxglove
Defences blind he will cut out your heart
Then display your weakness
Like a piece of art
So think real hard of the choice in hand
Implication of death you must understand

Well…it stopped me right there in my tracks
And I thanked my sense for stating the facts
I was seduced by the serpent from under the tree
As he drip fed untruths of knowledge to me
Evil, Sin, Suffering, Sickness and death
Permeated from his putrid breath
But I was destitute of vision
For I just could not see
All I saw my opportunity turning up for me

What a wretched man am I?
As I wander on this earth
Searching for the answers
That will assist me in rebirth

But as you know we are all pre-programmed courtesy of the original sin
Flawed at creation to stumble through life with this knowledge imprisoned within

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