Sunday, 9 May 2010

But still you stay ...

I watch your resentment
I watch your hate
Our empty existence
Is hard to negate
You say I’m a bully
You say I’m a cunt
No prizes here
This knife’s never blunt

But still you stay …

I destroyed your life
From the moment we met
Before me you
Now a man of regret
Once in my arms
Your soul was submersed
Now alone in our history
You’re driving

But still you stay …

Kept you away from your kith and kin
Indulged your repression with cardinal sin
Parallel existence out there somewhere
Conformity’s cute
When it’s with
People that care


Fucked up your head
Fucked up your brain
Made you succumb
Over and over again

But still you stay …

No rules for me
I’m tough and I’m driven
The darkness of life
To me is a given
But you
On your pedestal high in the sky
Will quiver
Will quake
Will never defy
I am blamed for your weakness
Your inability to act
This futile foible
Will forever protract

But still you stay …

So I bade you farewell
And alter this course
Our race is now over
I want a divorce

Goodbye …

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