Sunday, 9 May 2010

Parish Priest required - All paedo's please apply

Father I do not forgive
For you are a man of sin
I saw you down by the riverbank
With Peter’s retarded twin
You took him to your special place
Where the wild roses grow
Stripped him bare
There in your lair
Before your gift
On him
You did bestow
I saw the look upon your face
As you thrust his small behind
Pure joy with a dash of nostalgia
Are words that spring to mind
And after the seed was planted
And after the deed was done
You turned the poor boy over
And continued on with your fun
The simple boy could hardly breathe
As you forced it down his throat
Fate sealed his sad dead eyes
On that riverbank so remote
And as the sun began to set
You placed him gently in his chair
Wheeled him back to your parish
As if you simply
Did not care
And now I stand before you
As you preach to the converted
About to unleash your secret
That you are one of God’s perverted

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