Saturday, 13 March 2010

Mommie Dearest

Today I looked into the eyes
of the woman that is
my mother.The vessel that carried
me for nine months. The vessel
that fed and nurtured me.Kept me
deep within the safety of
the ancestral womb. The vessel that
shielded me from harm. The vessel
that continually protected me
from any danger.

Then the fucking bitch went
expelled me out into
a world that cared
even less than
she did.

And do you know what?
Do you know what I felt?
Do you know
what I felt when I looked
into this
woman’s eyes.
Fucking nothing

Now ..

How fucking sad is that?
I mean how is that so?
Why is she so vacant?
Does she not care?
Is she incapable of love?

Well actually she is capable of love
that I can attest to.
Its just not any of her children
or her husband.The only thing that
I have ever
seen this woman love
is the fucking dog!
I mean come on
It’s a fucking dog

So do you know what
I have decided
on something.
When I come back
When I return
I will return as her dog
Then Everday
Every fucking day
I will shit and piss in
every fucking room
in her piss poor fucking
of a house
in the middle of a council
estate that is overrun
fucking pikies
and druggies
and prostitutes

Enjoy …


  1. Whew! (So maybe the animal poem was serious after all?)

    Powerful writing.

  2. Thanks Rosemary. Unfortunately this one is all true. I appreciate all the feedback that you have given me. Thanks.