Saturday, 13 March 2010

Liberation from this fraudulent farce

I love your wicked disrespect
How you absconded and broke free
From the chains that tried to bind you
To the poets code for all eternity
You thought to hell with all that shit
I have my axe to grind
You cast aside the literary bonds
And no longer were you blind
Free you were to use the words
Whichever way you choose
Artfully awakened via the adrenalin
You released your dormant muse
You do not play with words my friend
Your writes are real and not pretend
No descriptive flowery language here
No metaphors in pride of place
Should you run and hide under the nearest stone?
For being the modern day poets distasteful disgrace
So … Fuck the poet’s philosophies
They can shove them up their arse
I’ll take the lead from you my friend
Liberation from this fraudulent farce

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