Saturday, 13 March 2010


“Love animals…Don’t eat them”
On the back of the truck
Do they really think that we give a fuck?

As far as I’m concerned they are there to be eaten
Does it matter so much if there battered and beaten?

The food chain is there for a reason my friend
Lentils and rice don’t appeal; why pretend?

Morels and ethics
You use as your source
So neatly nurtured from your feminist course
Stroking your egos with ignorant bliss
Never to experience that succulent kiss

Steak starts to sizzle; Smell starts to ensnare
With wild abandonment I just don’t care
Juices cascading
Rivers of fun
Full and content now
Deliciously done

So take your morels and give them a poke
And as you swallow your ethics
Try not to choke.


  1. Ironic, I trust. A nice portrayal of angry ignorance.

    (How did feminism get in there? Oh, I guess anyone who really held such views would have that prejudice too.)

  2. This is irony in the extreme but also with a dash of provocation. Thanks